Thesis Project

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Wuhan Exterior

Project Loctaion

Wuhan, China

wuhan map.png

Project Concept

the Crossroad


Wuhan is a city that is surrounded by two rivers and four banks. It contains a unique

geographic significance to China. Mandarin Oriental Hotel will inhabit the city known

for its trade. Wuhan is a crossroad that brings emerging cities in China together,

a key core city of connections.

Form Development

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Exterior

  • Study Wuhan Map , Using the main road as the line to fold the paper to create the hotel exterior shape.
  • Using Rhino to finish hotel exterior.
  • Using the existing building block to create patterns on facade. 
  • Creating double skins for sustainable purposes.
  • During the Day time,the outside skin which is made of solar panel will transform sun light to energy to power the whole building.
  • During raining day, the outside skin will function as rain water collection system.  Also, there will be energy created when raining water draping down from top to bottom of the building.



Zoom In View

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